BALDWIN LAW OFFICE - For all your business and real estate needs            est. 1994
Bookmark Baldwin Law Office
Bookmark to Favorites:  
  • Click Baldwin Law Office
  • Press "Favorites" at top left of screen.
  • Press "Add to Favorites"
Bookmark to iPhone and add Baldwin Law Office as an App: 
  • Press Safari application
  • Press the "book" sign on the bottom middle of the screen
  • Press "Customize Links"
  • Press the backspace button to clear the link bar. 
  • Type 
  • Press "Go"
  • Press the "+" sign on the bottom middle of the screen
  • Press "Add to Home Screen"
  • Type "Baldwin Law"
  • Press "Add" at the top right of the screen.
Bookmark to iPad and add Baldwin Law Office to your Home Page: 
  • Press Safari application
  • Click the "+"  button and type
  • Tap the "Add" to Home Screen button
  • Type "Baldwin Law" The icon on the left of the title will appear on your Home Page
  • Click "Add" and the icon will appear on the Home Page
  • Tap the icon to take you to Baldwin Law Office
Bookmark to Blackberry:
Step 1
  • Open the browser
  • Press the "Menu" button on your menu screen
  • Scroll around until you see the browser icon. It looks like a planet with a ring around it.
          If you are using the "Storm" model you should have a browser shortcut button at the bottom of the screen.  If you do then type, press the BlackBerry's "Menu" button and select "Add Bookmark." The site will now show up in your bookmarks list. Otherwise go to step 2.
Step 2
Bookmark to Droid:
  • Open the Browser app
  • Press Menu.
  • Tap Bookmark
  • Tap Add to add the bookmark
  • Go back to your Bookmarks and tap and hold the existing bookmark
  • A menu will appear where you can Add shortcut to Home
  • Do so, and the shortcut is added.
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